Gulong Gorge Rafting in Qingyuan City, Sanjing Intelligent Annual Company Travel

2020-09-02      |      Hit Count:1574

Here in Sanjing Intelligent, every staff enjoys the welfare for annual travelling, it is not only a good chance for relaxing, but also a chance for team building, and this year, our destination is Gulong Gorge, Qingyuan City. (Aug 31, 2020)

In Gulong Gorge, the entire rafting course is comprised of natural river channels, encompassing immense drops in elevation and precipitous river beds. The full race course is 6063 in length, with a drop in elevation amounting to 378 meters. The course is divided into two legs, namely the "Extreme Race Course" and the "Challenge Race Course". Natural waterfall clusters and karst cave mountain springs provide plentiful water for rafting. On a scorching summer's day, the water feels cooling and pleasant.

We hope to share something more in our next annual travelling!  See you!


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