Equipped with Samsung SM 471 / 481 / 482 series high-speed mounter, and the accuracy is up to 01005.

Equipped with electric feeder, reduce the throwing rate and failure warning probability.

Support mainstream chips, such as QFN, SOP, sot, TSOP, QFP, BGA, PLC

Maximum capacity for SM471 is 75000 CPH.

Our SMT Advantages:

1) More than 15 quality team members, effectively control IQC incoming inspection, IPQC process inspection, OQA delivery inspection and other important processes.

2) Equipped with a team of 5 electronic engineers to put forward constructive improvement suggestions for DFM manufacturability inspection and engineering process in the production process, so as to effectively improve product quality and production efficiency.

3) Sanjing Intelligent implements quick response mechanism, professional sales personnel respond to customer queries within 1 hour.

4) Implement MES electronic information Kanban, effectively supervise PMC production planning process, ensure on time delivery.

5) ESD protection plastic bag is used for packaging to ensure the safety of products during transportation.